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Colorado Search and Rescue Association promoting FRS/GMRS channel 3 for emergencies.

26th March 10AM Get Together.

Added: Friday 3/4/22

Connect locally on TAC-2

The topic of our Net on Tuesday 1st March was, "What do you do for fun?" and seems like a WHOLE LOT of people off road.  That's inspired us to organize an informal get together on March 26th 10AM - 12AM.

This is an opportunity to put a face to the voices you hear on the radio, but also to bring along friends who may benefit from learning about GMRS as an addition to their outdoor adventures.

The location will be the parking lot of the Target at 1400 S Havana St, 80012,  nearest Havana in the space between the McDonalds and Starbucks.

Whether you're coming to show off your radios, your vehicles, or both, see you there.

Kevin (WRMG656) and Keifer (WRJV982) 

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