Radio Data Files

All of our repeaters use split DCS codes, meaning one DCS code for In (TX), and a different DCS code for Out (RX). Not all radios will do split DCS codes, so please be familiar with your equipment.

Before writing these files to your radio, we recommend that you read the current settings and store them somewhere safe in case these files overwrite settings you wish to keep. It is sometimes better to use these files as a settings reference and copy and paste them into your current radio settings.

Many of these have been supplied by trusted members of our community. We will do our best to make sure they are correct and up-to-date, but recent changes may not be apparent in all files.

Turn off Roger Beep feature on all radios for our repeaters

Please sign up or sign in to access radio data files. Currently available are:

  • Baofeng UV-5X (UV-5G) GMRS. Updated: Monday 8/16/21: 19:38
  • Generic CHIRP. Updated: Wednesday 8/11/21: 13:30
  • Midland MXT-400. Updated: Sunday 8/15/21: 10:16
  • Midland MXT-500. Updated: Thursday 11/9/23: 14:45
  • Motorola XPR4550 403-470 Mhz. Updated: Saturday 1/14/23: 19:43
  • Motorola XPR4550 403-470 Mhz. Updated: Saturday 1/14/23: 19:43
  • Radioddity DG20-G. Updated: Tuesday 8/29/23: 17:39
  • Radioddity GM-30. Updated: Thursday 11/9/23: 15:48
  • Radioddity GM-30. Updated: Saturday 9/11/21: 13:40
  • Talkpod A36Plus. Updated: Tuesday 7/4/23: 13:50
  • Wouxun KG-805G. Updated: Monday 8/16/21: 19:24
  • Wouxun KG-905G. Updated: Tuesday 8/17/21: 15:43
  • Wouxun KG-UV9G PRO and LITE GMRS . Updated: Monday 8/16/21: 19:13

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