Frequently Asked Questions

Will radio XYZ work with the repeaters?

Most GMRS repeater capable radios will work on our repeaters, with a few exceptions.

If you are a Midland Radio user, know that some of the entry level units cannot be configured for our repeaters.

Many of our members come from a radio background, and prefer to use older business radios by Kenwood and Motorola to modern consumer radios. These older used radios perform very well, and can be picked up cheaply. For certain radios you can download data files from here

How can I support Front Range GMRS?

Commercial radio systems are expensive! We are not a 501(c)3, or a charitable organization but you can, if you wish, make a donation towards special projects and for system improvements. If you would like to show your gratitude for use of the service, that's great!

Why do I need to signup and give my email address to you?

Although many repeaters are completely open, we have made the decision to only allow access to people who have made contact with us by creating an account. It's what we decided to do.

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