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Nets on GMRS are just like Amateur Radio nets, that wikipedia describes as: an "on-the-air" gathering of amateur radio operators. Most nets convene on a regular schedule and specific frequency, and are organized for a particular purpose, such as relaying messages, discussing a common topic of interest, in severe weather (for example, during a Skywarn activation), emergencies, or simply as a regular gathering of friends for conversation

It's worth reading that wikipedia page before joining a net, but the rule of thumb is, there will be someone in charge of the net who will control traffic, faciliate checkins, control who speaks when, and deal with any chaos or confusion that comes along.

Metro Net

Tuesdays at 6pm on Metro 600

ENDING SOON. This net will be replaced by a 7:25 net on 725 as that time seems to be better for many. Local and Zello Metro 600 users are welcome to join in our net at 6pm MST on Tuesdays. Due to more manageable numbers than the nets on the 675 linked repeater, this will be a manual check-in style net. The structure may vary depending on who is net controller on any given night as we dial this in for best success. Tune in to 600 at 6pm on Tuesdays for instructions.

Tuesday 7:25 on 725

Tuesday Nights at 7:25pm on Mesta 725 (Extreme wide-area coverage)

Moving things around a little. We've been running the net at 6:00 on 600 and have a regular 15-20 people but going to change it up and switch to 725. On Tuesday 5th there will be BOTH nets, but after that, the 600 net will likely be cancelled.

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