Suggested Programming for Simplex Channels

"Simplex" simply means, from one radio directly to another.. no repeater involved.

With GMRS it's easy to say, "Let's talk on Channel 17", or "Let's move to 725", but without using tones of some sort, you're going to start to hear everything from valet parking to school pickups! The reason for using tones is so you don't hear random traffic on the same frequency. Contrary to typical bubble pack marketing, tones do not create "privacy". There is nothing private about your communication even when you use tones. Anyone on the open frequency can hear what you're saying.. they just can't interupt and interfere.

We are proposing the following named simplex channels, including tones, to make simplex communication easier within the group.

  • If you're using a repeater but you know you're within direct range of someone, you can switch to a named simplex channel easily.
  • When we organize an event, we can state in advance which simplex channel to use when you get there.
  • If you're outside of the repeater area with other members, you can easily agree on a simplex channel to communicate on

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