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Thank you to our donors!
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Tuesday 6pm Net on Metro 600

Added: Wednesday 2/9/22

Following the popularity of the weekly nets on linked Lookout 675 repeater we will be holding a more local oriented net on Metro 600 on Tuesdays at 6pm.   

If you've never joined a net, or don't know what it is check out the wikipedia entry at .  Our goal for this net is to promote the use of the repeaters, provide an opportunity for new users and veterans alike to say "hello".  It doesn't hurt that this is great practice for the net controllers to deal with traffic in the even our network is needed in an emergency,  and it's also a good experience for all to get signal reports, and get used to being part of a net controller oriented event.

Radio and Zello users are welcome to this net on Tuesday Nights.  With more manageable numbers, we'll be running a more interactive net similar to what you may hear on Ham Radio repeaters, like the nightly nets on the Colorado Connection.   

Net controllers lined up are Keifer (WRJV982) and Russ (WRJL584).  Thanks as always to the repeater owners for keeping us all on the air and allowing us non owners to run with initiatives like this!

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