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Colorado Search and Rescue Association promoting FRS/GMRS channel 3 for emergencies.

Thank you to our donors!

Added: Saturday 1/22/22

We wanted to send a huge thank you to two of our members for your very generous donations this last week!  Since all of the funding for our projects and maintenance are paid for by the repeater owners themselves, your donations go a long way in helping offset some of these costs.  Both of these donations will help build a better linked system.  We are still working on bringing Vilas, CO and Wheatland, WY on to our Metro 600 repeater, and we are working to improve some of the programming and functionality of the Southwest linked repeater on Lookout 675.  These donations will help pay for full-duplex capability on the Lookout 675 link, so outbound transmissions do not get cutoff if someone quick-keys the repeater before the courtesy tone.  This same capability will be adopted on the Metro 600 link with Vilas and Wheatland once the other repeaters come online.  

Thank you again for your donations! 

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