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New Bailey 550 Repeater

Added: Thursday 11/3/22

A very big "Thank You" goes to Joseph, WRED603, for allowing the Front Range GMRS Users Group to use his Bailey 550 repeater! This commercial Kenwood TKR-850 with battery back-up is located near Mount Bailey and has coverage along the Highway 285 corridor from around Conifer to Grant and into the Pike National Forest. This repeater is now listed on the repeaters page so get your programming cables out!

For those that uploaded radio programming files (codeplugs) to this site, please update them with the new repeater (and the TAC channels, if you haven't already) and reupload them, when you get the chance. We are very grateful for your time and willingness to share those files. Several members have found them quite helpful.

Finally, thank you to all that have donated money, time, and expertise to help keep these systems alive. This group is much stronger because of people like you and all you have to offer. THANK YOU!

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